Other Services

Change of Company Name

To change your company’s name, click here to download and complete our change of company name form. You can email this form back to us with your payment details, and we will change your company’s name for you that same day.

The fee for changing your company’s name is $587.00 Inc GST this includes; the ASIC fee of $422.00, change of company name certificate, and company minutes.

Change of Company Details

To update your company’s details with ASIC, click here to download and complete our change of company details form. Email this form back to us with your payment information and we will update your company’s details with ASIC.

The fee for updating your company’s details with ASIC is $200.00 Inc GST this includes; lodgement with ASIC, a copy of the ASIC forms lodged for your records, minutes, and company register documents.

Adopting a New Constitution

To allow for changes that have been made to the Corporations Act over the last few years, it may be time for you to consider adopting a new constitution for your company. If your company was established prior to 1998 and still has a Memorandum or Articles of Association, there have been many changes to company law that make it simpler and easier to administer your company.

To adopt a new constitution, simply email us the following information:

  • Company Name & A.C.N.
  • Directors and Members Full Names
  • A PDF copy of your company’s Memorandum or Articles of Association for review if available

Email: admin@shelfcom.com.au
Phone: 08 8231 6661

Company Deregistration

You can apply to voluntary deregister your company if it meets all of these requirements:

  • All members of the company agree to deregister
  • The company is not carrying on business
  • The company’s assets are worth less than $1,000
  • The company has no outstanding liabilities
  • The company is not a party to any legal proceedings
  • The company has paid all fees and penalties payable under the Corporations Act 2001

If your company meets the above criteria then we will be able to assist you, click here to download our form. However, if this is not your company’s situation, then you will need to contact us to further discuss before proceeding with the deregistration process.

Email: admin@shelfcom.com.au
Phone: 08 8231 6661

Company Searches

To order a company search, click here to download and complete our company search request form. Email this form back to us with your payment details and we will email you the company search extract within 1 hour of receiving your order.

For multiple company search requests, please email us the list of company names and A.C.N.s with your payment details or alternatively you can provide your payment details over the phone.

Email: admin@shelfcom.com.au
Phone: 08 8231 6661

Business Name Registration

To register one or multiple business names, simply email us the following information along with your chosen business name/s:

  • The business name holders' name; this includes individuals’ full names, company name, or trust details
  • ABN for the business name holder
  • Details of all individuals’ associated to the business name; this includes residential address, town and country of birth, and date of birth
  • Email address for all correspondence including business name renewals from ASIC
  • Postal address
  • Business trading address
  • Registration period 1 or 3 years

Please provide your contact information so that one of our staff can contact you before registering your business name.

Email: admin@shelfcom.com.au
Phone: 08 8231 6661

Mellor Olsson Lawyers

Mellor Olsson Lawyers are our solicitors and we engage them to prepare all of our legal documentation. The documents that they prepare and update for us includes; our company register documents, company constitutions, trust deeds, and self-managed super fund deeds and documents. We also refer our trust deed amendments and variations to their solicitors so they can review your documents and advise you directly.

Mellor Olsson is a leader in the agribusiness, commercial, property, banking and finance, estate planning and local government sectors in South Australia. They have a legal team of highly qualified professionals who always seek to deliver the best service possible to clients, combined with practical advice. Mellor Olsson’s practice areas include:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Corporate, Commercial & Business
  • Court Litigation & Dispute Resolution
  • Debt Recovery
  • Employment
  • Family Law
  • Farm Law
  • Insolvency, Bankruptcy & Reconstruction
  • Intellectual Property
  • Liquor & Hospitality
  • Local Government
  • Mining, Environment & Resources
  • Native Title
  • Property Development & Town Planning
  • Property Leasing & Conveyancing
  • Road Accidents & Other Injury Claims
  • Tax, Revenue & Superannuation
  • Wills & Estates

To find out more visit www.mellorolsson.com.au